Is this a good way to ask her out?

There is a cute, fun coworker I have I want to ask out. we are already somewhat friends, and have hung out socially around other people on at least five occasions. She's even been to my house for a couple of low key parties. (movies and games, not drinking parties. A matter of fact she's usually the only other person besides me to drink a beer lol)

she is always alone in the break room when I arrive for my closing Friday shift, so I figured I could say hi and then something like "You're fun to talk to and hang out with. I'd like to get to know you a little more. Would you want to go out to dinner sometime?"

I was all set to ask her out but she wasn't alone! One of her friends was sitting with her. Given the limited chances to see her alone, what if I called her? She's bad at answering but a VM could be "I wanted to ask you something when you have time". How's that?


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  • if u r close to each other and u think that she is not gonna reject u
    then yes its a good way to ask her out :)

    • I can't be certain, but I won't know until I try.

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    • Well she is often in a blushy manner. I didn't get to talk to her because a friend was nearby. What if I called her?

    • its not a bad idea

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  • The first part is good. I don't know about the dinner part. Maybe like a coffee or something?


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