About to scare this guy off for good. How do I relax?

To make a long story short, I don't have patience to let relationships happen. I always want it like on the 3rd or 4th date. I met this guy, things were going good and I kind of fkipped out. Texting a lot, and long texts, etc. He tried telling me to relax a few times but I have too much anxiety. Then he started getting scared. Don't blame him I was acting crazy. He became very distant and wasn't asking to see me anymore, etc. So I thought it was over. I went back online only to find him on there too,

Then sh** hit the fan. We both talked then he finally admitted he has become distant because of how I've been acting. Been pushing him away, and scaring him. How I'm not the same, fun person he met. Said he wants to be with me but wabts to ease into a relationship. He said I (as in me not him) wants a relationship and I want it now. He's right I am not patient because I was burned. Fell in love with the last guy and he only wanted to be friends with me.

I know relationships take time to build like a delicate flower but I get so anxious. Any tips? If I screw it up this time he will dump me for sure.


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  • What more than the risk of losing him do you need? You need to do the equivalent of sitting on your hands when getting a needle (something I did as kid) and let things happen.

    • Getting a needle?

    • Yes, you know... those sharp pointy things the nice doctor uses to administer a shot of medicine?

    • Gotcha. Thanks

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  • Go for a walk to relax.