Are there any success stories about meeting someone that you just knew they were special but it didn't work right away?

Are there any success stories about meeting someone that you felt a deeper connection with than most. You just felt like there was a special place for them in your life. And everyone around you noticed it too. Maybe people even told you that when you guys were together it was like you were "made" for each other, or something a long those lines. But it didn't work out right away? Maybe it was the wrong time, or one of you wasn't ready, etc. Did you ever find each other again?


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  • Yes. I met him and my first thought was literally "I can't wait to tell our children this cute way we met." But I brushed it off because that was silly.
    6 months later I started to get to know him better and started to like him and thought he liked me too. It was just so amazing and natural with him. I can just feel the bond when we are with each other. Another 6 months went by (summer break was 3 months of it.) I thought we were going to make the step to be a couple and my whole world came crashing down, when he started keeping his distance from me. Soon I found out that his friends (led by a particular girl I hate) were very anti-me, and they did everything they could to sabatoge us including convincing him he liked another girl. He withdrew from me to keep his friends away. Sometimes we would reconnect but the more time we spent together just as friends, the more brutal his friends were and the more I pushed the more they pushed back and the far the away he went. I decided the only option was to avoid him in order to protect us both from being targeted and hurt. I gave up on hope of ever being able to be with him even though I felt like he was the one.
    3 years later: We live far apart and even further from those friends of his. We managed to find each other again and again over that time and patch our lost friendship. Now we talk all day every day and have for a few months. It is has come to light how much we care about the other. We're getting to know each other on a much deeper level than ever before. Every day it becomes more clear to me how he is the only man I want to be with. He is the most caring, kindest, respectful, thoughtful, respectable man I have ever known.

    • awwww, that is awesome! I'm so happy for you that you guys were able to reconnect after so long! It really goes to show you that you never know what will happen or who will end up in your life!

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    • i think that is awesome!! its crazy how you can meet someone and just connect to them like that.

      This particular guy I'm speaking about and I haven't done anything past kiss. Its more than that with him. I've been physically attracted to all types of guys my whole life but I feel... at home when i'm with him.

    • That's exactly what I said the first time I hugged this guy! I am not big on hugs or other physical contacts (outside pure emotionless sex). So I'm an awkward hugger and try to break from then quickly. He hugged me one night when I was leaving his bedroom, and it was the most natural and comfortable thing. We stayed like that for awhile just talking. Then made our way to his front door and stood another 15 minutes or so hugging and talking. I still remember how it felt and how the next day I was telling my friends about it and u described it as "it felt like I just belonged there in his arms and it was the home I've always been looking for. "
      Him hugging me is actually what made me realize we would be ok as friends again one day. It was almost a year after the big blow up and the first time we interacted outside of school. He came to my birthday and hugged me three different times that night just randomly in the middle of all our classmates and friends. Still felt like home.

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  • I'm so glad this question was asked! I'm not really experienced with relationships and all, and I met this guy a while ago and it was a weird and different feeling from the beginning... like it sounds strange but I used to just hope that one day a guy would be put in my life that had these certain qualities, and one day at work I met him, like everything the way he acts, dresses, talks to me, the way he looks, how smart he is, it was if I had imagined him being there, we are friends now, I think he wants more and obviously I do, but he's going through a tough time right now and I don't think he is ready to be in a relationship, so not really a success story yet anyway, but scrolling through the questions I couldn't believe I saw this it's exactly how I feel:) and reading the responses gives me hope! Thanks for posting:)

    • No problem dear! I wish you both the best!!

  • oh yeah, for me I met someone, I just knew in my gut he was gonna be special in my life, and only after 2.5 years did it happen, when we were both ready. :)

    • wow... it took 2.5 years? did you wait all that time or did you go about your life and you guys just kind of found each other again? Did you feel crazy for feeling that strongly about the person?

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    • wow, that's strong, not even the fiancee. :O in that case I really hope it works out for you. :)

    • haha... yea. well thank you!

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