How do I reject a girl nicely, without making her upset too much?

Okay well, I have a feeling this girl in my school is going to ask me out to the Leaver's Prom, as her friends always tell me she likes me and she has asked me strange questions on Facebook Messenger such as "Do you believe me when I say I love you?" And even posted a status saying "Love hurts so much </3" She did ask me "You excited for the prom?" and I replied "I don't know"

Unfortunately, I don't feel the same way. She's a nice girl but I'm not interested in relationships at the moment and not really in the mood to go to the leaver's prom. I really don't want to sound like I'm hurting her too much... The reason I asked is because the last time I rejected a girl she took a massive outburst of tears and I usually feel very horrible afterwards.

So... Yeah. How can I make sure she doesn't get too upset over it?


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  • Either way she is going to feel hurt, but just be honest and tell her that she is a nice girl but that at the moment your not looking for a relationship.


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  • There's no way to assure she won't get hurt. She will get hurt. But, you can't lead her on. So just tell her what you told us... You're not ready for a relationship bla bla bla


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