What can I do to be physically attractive if I'm 5'7?

I'm about 3 inches shorter than average. I want to be hot to women--in terms of pure sexual attractivness, not just in personality--what can I do to make my height irrelevant in terms of physical attractiveness. I fear that this may be a lost cause, as studies consistently have found that height is the number one trait women find physically attractive--and I want to be physically attractive.

I'm thinking about leg lengthening to take me to 5'10-5'10.5", actually.


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  • I know several slutty guys your height. One isn't even cute in the face and is thin. Looks definitely help sexual attractiveness, but sexiness can be a bit of playfulness, a good stride, soulful eyes, a great voice. Etc. So many things are sexy. The key is looking for girls who respond to you and not beating yourself up about the others. I have a big nose and angular face, so I know how you feel. But the world's big enough we can find people.

    • Thanks, but could I still be hot physically, too?

    • Of course! Sexiness is physical, though. All of the things I named are physical :).

    • Nice! Thanks :)

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  • Oh my goshhhh

    It's so sad how shit men are made to feel about their height!
    Seriously, if a woman is actually that shallow to be like 'No.. he's too short.' Do you REALLY want her as a life partner?

    Your height is sexy!
    All heights are bloody sexy.. Please never feel inferior because you aren't some 6foot guy.
    Being 5'7 doesn't make you ANY less attractive.

    • @Bethany-Louise

      Wow, commendable! We 'short' men wish more females were as broadminded as you!

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    • Lol :)

      It sounds like you are just telling me what I want to hear, but, alright, I'll trust ya

    • I'm honestly, honestly not haha!

      5'7 genuinley is the perfect height for a lot of girls.
      Sure some girls won't like 5'7, some girls will LOVE it, and the others won't give a fuck about your height haha.

  • Men who are 5'7 can be physically attractive. I'm 4'11 though and 5'7 is not a problem with me at all. If he has a nice face, he will be attractive.

  • Find a girl who's 5'4

    • I want to be hot to lots of girls--a sexy alpha male--not just one 5'4 girl.

  • 5'7" isn't fucking short.

    • It isn't short, but many women consider it inadequate.

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    • You're wrong.
      Average height for women is about 5'4 - 5'5.
      If you ask most girls what they want, they'll say a guy who's taller. You're 5'7, you're taller.

    • Yeah it is short...

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  • You still have a couple of years left to grow. You just might grow another inch.

    Leg lengthening surgeries are extremely risky. NEVER go for those, unless you're completely crazy or mentally imbalanced.

    I'm 5'7" myself, and no chance of growing any taller at my age. But I don't give a hoot whether women are attracted to me or not. The right woman will accept me for who I am, height included.

    • They are actually a lot safer than you might think. Dr. Guichet is France has a 0% complication rate; he's been doing it for over 30 years. He's very expensive, but that doesn't matter to me.

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    • Fine then, have it your way. But just be aware that being short is MUCH better than being crippled for life due to a botched surgery.

      Also, just think of it this way. However 'tall' you become, there will always be guys taller than you, who would obviously be more attractive to women than you due to their height (as per your own logic).

    • 6'1 is about the optimal height according to women, and people don't get crippled for life with this surgery unless they go to some Indian doctor (which many unfortunate people have).

  • 5'7" isn't that short, you can still be attractive to A LOT of women at that height (unless they are like 5'10" or taller)