What are signs a shy guy is just friendly or interested?

I can't tell if he's being friendly or is interested... I don't know him too well, and i only see him once a week

- waits for me, offers to drive me home
- smiles/looks at me a lot
- we made out at a party a few months ago; haven't brought it up since
- doesn't text me; only a few times to say that he thought of me and another to say we should hang out but i wasn't in town... no moves since
- his friend asked my friend if I was feeling it like he was
- another friend of his started asking me if i ever text/talk to him besides seeing him once a week... and said he thought something was going on between us (first time i saw that guy in months)

I like the guy, but i've delayed asking him out for so long (4-5 months) because i thought by now he'd have asked me again. I dont even know if he likes me..


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  • He likes you but then that should have been obvious to you as you were typing the paragraph out below the question.

    • I've thought about it so much that it just seems like he's being friendly. I mean, i offer rides to my friends all of the time. And he doesn't really text me or when i do text him, he'll stop replying. Most of my friends are telling me if the guy really liked me, he'd be talking to me more or would have asked me out by now...

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    • Okay, i guess i'll ask him out. But what should we do? I don't want to go eat somewhere, i barely know him and we're both quiet.

    • What interests you? Think of something you'd like to do and invite him to come along with you.

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