Is this ok, or should I do something?

Ok so my boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year, which in my opinion is a pretty decent amount of time. We've met each other's parents and all that jazz, but we don't really get "physical" I guess. Anyways that's not the point but at the last school dance, or the most recent one anyways, something weird happened. We were about to dance together when this girl who is a grade ahead of us, pretty, way more dressed up and makup-upped than me, asked my boyfriend if he wanted to dance. Of course, he said no thanks, and then we danced. About halfway through the song he said he felt bad for rejecting her, which I kind of doubt bc he's rejected girls in the past, and then the song was over. But wait there's more! So I went to go grab a snack, when about a minute later, he comes up and asks me if its ok for him to dance the next dance with her so he doesn't feel bad. 😑 He asked me if I was comfortable with this, and of course I wasn't, but I said sure so I didn't seem rude. So that's when I felt like I was going to puke. I was texting my friend about it the entire time.(she wasn't there) and yeah. Then I heard the next slow song come on and I ran into the bathroom. I mean did he expect me to WATCH them dance or something? I don't know. So then him and my cousin who's also a dude we're trying to find me, but I kept ignoring their calls and crap, bc at that point I didn't feel like talking to people. So a few songs later, I finally come out and yeah I act like nothing happened, assuming he danced with the girl and etc . etc . So later after the dance at my grandmas house with my cuz i asked my cuz about him dancing with another girl. He said he never danced with the girl who asked him, but instead, he danced with his COUSIN because he couldn't find the girl. And then he really wanted to dance with me for that song, but he couldn't find me either, so he danced with his cousin. He and the girl never danced, but still should this bother me? Or am I being a jerk?


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  • You should have said that you didn't want him to, obviously.

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