Is my boyfriend kyle going too fight my friend brian for checking me out?

My friend checked me out at work named brian my new boyfriend kyle growled at me after brian said my name while checking me out. kyle walked up too brian very angrily like they were going too have a fight are they going too fight over me?


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  • Its been confirmed, he beat him while you were writing this question, Brian is now plotting for revenge, he called Jeff, Tyler and the Gang, they're on their way to his house... basically the plan is to smash Kyle's head with a baseball bat.. but Toledo has a better plan... When Stupid Questions Return Next Saturday.

    • So r kyle n brian going too fight each other over me.

    • Wait for the next episode... no spoilers !! fyi i'm being sarcastic they're not gna fight over you... relax

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  • Do 30+ adults still do this shit? Seriously get a fucking grip, you bunch of jerks.


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  • Um I really hope not