I like a guy who is taken and my friend also is trying to get over him, what should I do?

Basically, my friend had a crush on him that i am only finding out about now and i really like him, she is in the process of getting over him becuase she has a new crush now. But i have also found out he is taken so what should i do? It isn't often i like a guy so i was thinking maybe i should wait until he either breaks up with her or my feelings for him change.

I know that this might sound awful of me for crushing on a taken guy but there is definatly something there! He is like the male version of me!


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  • First ask your friend. If she is over it then try to make some advances only if the guy is a friend of yours and u think he likes u otherwise it will look awkward to the guy. You already have a lot of things in common so it will be easy to get in a relationship.
    But if your feelings for him change no problem.
    At this age we get frequent mood changes.
    You will find another guy even if he don't get him as the world is not a small place.
    And a cute girl like u fill surely find a guy who really loves u !!!

  • You're 15. Believe me when I say you're better off leaving it alone than losing friends over it. If four years from now the same feelings still apply, worry about it then.

    • look i have had people discriminate against me becuse of my age but i am defiantly more mature than people think emotionally. i know that i won't lose any friends over it becuse of how close we are, i know if my friend isn't okay with it then she will tell me and i won't go there but i just want to know if i have a chance.

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    • okay, i understand where you are coming from so i will definatly take into consideration your advice, thankyou :)

    • No problem. Best of luck!

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