Will my relationship/marriage survive?

I really do not like my boyfriends friends, at all.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and we're planning on moving in together and talking about getting engaged.

But I don't like his friends at all. Like I just really hate hanging out with them. Most don't have girlfriends or serious relationships so they don't understand. When he can't come hangout all the time bc he's with me, they like to blame me.

They just really rub me the wrong way. But he's had the same friends since he was a kid so they're not ever going anywhere.

So if we do get married, will out marriage survive? Even though I barely get along with his friends?


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  • It all depends. Are you ok with him going out with his friends without you?

    • Mostly. But like I said, they're not very mature. So it's like, if they drink, they're getting hammered. And when my boyfriend is with him, he let's loose also. I just really don't like the fact they don't really respect me, or my relationship. My boyfriend knows this. But my boyfriends actual best friend who lives a state away is married and has matured and he says that's the only approval he cares about. The rest of his friends he doesn't care if we get along or not.

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    • I understand. And I do. But I don't trust them, know what I mean?

    • I do. But you have to trust him.

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  • Depends on how you feel about him still maintaining a relationship with them. If you are good with him hanging with them at times and can be cordial should they visit your home then it may be fine. If you keep him from being with them and prevent them from visiting or are rude to them it will be a thorn in your relationship. Keep in mind that as the guys mature and date the issues may ease up some.

    • We will be living about an hour away from all his friends. So I know he won't see them often, so if they want to come visit, I won't say no. I also feel like I'll get more respect if it's out own house.

      I do not want to keep him from them. I don't want to be resented by him in any way. I will just grin and bear it.

      This may sound selfish, but I'm really counting on us moving that it will solve these issues. Like I will hardly ever have to associate with them

    • And that possibly he will find new friends

  • Omg! Yes I feel you. I think my bf's friends, the ones I've met, are so below him and they drive me nuts. I told him he can do better, because I honestly felt like they were pulling him down and were not a good influence. Luckily I don't think he does see them as much, but I had to put my foot down and be like no open door policy when we live together and if you see them, do it when I'm not around. Set the rules and you should be ok.