GUYS: If you want kids someday, would it be a turn OFF if a girl told you she didn't?

Mostly directed at younger guys (20s) but anyone, feel free to share your opinion! I'm just wondering if that's something you'd rather not hear right away when getting to know a girl. Also, if you like her, does it make her less attractive knowing she doesn't want children?

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  • I think guys use turn on/off strictly for sexual attraction. And for guys sexual attraction is not very connected to compatibility or thinking you'd be a good wife.

    Basically guys would either:
    - think you will change your mind later
    - think you're not for marrying
    - think 'I don't want them either'

    But they'd want to screw you exactly the same amount as before.

    • Thanks! That's very helpful... Sometimes I connect sexual attraction with compatibility but guys don't?

    • The simple answer is no. There's a more complicated answer but let's start with the simple one.

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  • It's a hard situation. I want kids, so our interests would conflict in an important matter. I'd seriously think if it would be worth to continue the relationship.

  • It depends on he situation. Right now I don't want kids, so I don't mind if she wants or not, but if I'm looking for a person to spend my life with, it will make her less attractive, since one of my life goals is to have at least one kid.

  • It depends on how serious the relationship is. If the girl is someone you think you may potentially end up with then yeah, that's a buzz kill and would make a guy reconsider. If you're just having fun, then no big deal, you weren't intending on marrying her anyway so it's a non issue.

  • If a younger girl told me that no, it wouldn't be a turn off, but i want to start a family in the future so in that sense it would indicate that she might not be the best person to try and have a long term relationship with

  • I'm like in a neutral point. I like the idea of maybe one day one little person calling me dad but also don't mind if didn't happen.
    So if I like a woman a she tells me I don't want kids perfect plus all the time to do awesome things together without that responsibility. If she want it perfect but just one.
    For me it doesn't add or make less of woman her desire for the future.

  • It is the womans body, and her choice.

  • If I want kids and she doesn't... that's a deal breaker. How could it be anything but.

    • I guess... But if you love that person will all your heart and soul, isn't sacrificing children worth keeping the woman of your dreams?

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    • Well, if kids are essential to your happiness, then I guess you wouldn't be the man of my dreams either.

    • There you go. Don't spend time and emotion on people who are incompatible with you.

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