Women, in a Net relationship, where you were unlikely to meet for a while would you expect your partner to be loyal to you, and the same for you?

If you were in a net relationship, what would your expectations be on being with others, seeing you cannot, or be touched. Would you expect your partner to be loyal in regards to sex, and the same expectation be on you.

Or, would you concede you both have needs/desires, and that you can be with others till u meet?


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  • It's very unlikely I'd consent to be in a relationship over the internet/long distance relationship. I could do it if I was already in a serious relationship with someone and one of us had to move for school or a job or something, but I wouldn't start a relationship with someone who's far away. If we are in a relationship though, I do expect that we're loyal to each other in regards to sex. We're either together and exclusive, or not together and free to be with other people. If I were in that situation, it's definitely something to talk about and not assume though.

    • If you are with someone, then they move, I could never be with another, until i am with them again. But, if it is a net relationship with one you have never met, like you say, it is a topic you need to talk about, and have consensus over. For, both women and men, do not live on bread alone in regards to touch/feel

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    • It would be very hard to do so. i guess, complete honesty is the key, like any relationship

    • Yeah, true.

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  • I've sort of been in a "net relationship before," and I didn't expect him to be loyal. I didn't make any promises of me being loyal either, which I wasn't, but I guess he expected me to be so I ended up being a total lady dick to him =(

  • It would be foolish to agree to a monogamous internet relationship if they aren't going to see each other or often enough to commit that way.


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