Girls would you think I'm a wimp?

The girl I'm seeings EX starting abusing us the other day and i ended up getting into a fight with him when i stood up for her... anyways, he is a lot bigger than me and he was hurting me quite badly and i could feel i was losing so i kicked him hard in the balls... he went down immediately and i walked away while he stayed curled up in a ball. The problem is the girl said it was a wussy thing for me to do? i don't get what the problem is? i defended her


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  • That is not nice. You protected her, an did what you could to protect her. The fact that you even did that makes you brave.

  • she was hoping for more of a punching fight, ignore her she's a bitch

    • yeah i think she was too

    • u can do better, someone that actually appreciates u

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