Should I enter this relationship?

I really liked a girl. I got the courage to ask her on a date and she rejected me. I don't blame her though. I became depressed and finally got over her after a few months. I find out apparently she's starting to like me. Godamn, if she came to me a few months ago I would have Been the best boyfriend ever. I've been debating weather I should or not. Would I fall back in love?


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  • You can try. I'm not sure what would happen. You can't really force yourself to have feelings.

    • That's what's stopping me from just doing it.

    • Why don't you just hang around with her just to get to know her as a person before you decide.

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  • Your feelings can come back, I think. I would try to spend more time with her and see what happens.

  • Depends how much you liked the girl really, if you start trying to communicate with her again and the feelings start to come back then why not.


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