Do you think she's upset that she saw I tried to make contact with another girl online?

this girl for some reason has gone silent , I knew her from real life and talked to her at local bars a number of times and also added her to Twitter. had however also added some other girls to that site and around time she went silent had added this other girl I had meet at a bar to Twitter and sent her some tweets. however it really wasn't anything serious and nothing became of her just a neat girl I had meet at bar and such never like had sex with her. had though girl who went silent had wanted to date me and get more serious so rather confused about this.

anyways do you think this might be what she is so upset about?


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  • Man, it was really hard to understand your writing. If you're really over 30, I'd say quite Twitter, invite her to have a beer or maybe a coffee, like on a real date or sth if you're interested in her and see how it goes.

    • well she's younger than me so I though it might be a way to keep in touch with her well she was finishing her college program. mostly I talk to her in person at local pub , we've chatted a few times and I though things went well but have tough time getting through to her other than at pub

    • Ok, so Friday night... why don't you tweet to her and invite her to the pub or sth?

    • I have seen her at pub on Friday nights a number of times , she's off at school in another city though that's sort of why I was trying to keep in touch online

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  • NO she is not. Its a social site... You are allowed to.

    • ok maybe not upset about Twitter add , do you think she's upset then that I meet this other girl at bar and was also interested in her? like maybe she's jealous?

    • Its hard to understand your writing, but ill try to to break it down. If you met a girl at a bar, but its not the same girl that likes you, then yea she probably is mad. I'll be mad if my girl went to a bar with another guy that she is interested in...