Guy is acting oddly and sending mixed signals what should I do?

Okay, So a guy that I noticed one day started showing signs of noticing me back. I started thinking he was cute and he would start passing by my breakfast table everyday and finally at the end of the school I joined a summer program and he was in it too. He would stare/look at me like he was about to say something but he never did or said anything. And at the end of the summer program I gave him my number and he never called or texted so I gave up... But at the beginning of the school year he continued to do the walking past my table but he would do it multiple times and even look down and slightly smile with a smile that looked like he couldn't hold it in... So I gave him a love letter and he did nothing but he started smiling even more when I noticed him... Then I started ignoring him because I got sad about it and he absolutely disappeared from me but when he saw me talking to a guy he started showing up and walking past me multiple times!!! So I asked him if he wanted me to stop bugging him and he kept walking and said extremely quietly "what do you mean?" but he didn't even allow me to say anything else he rushed into his next class. (I know he is very quiet and he doesn't have a lot of friends... But out of his few sort of Friends I asked a "Friend of his" Let's say Steve said that he lies about things and tries to keep his life secret and said that the guy I like wouldn't even show Him (Steve) the letter I wrote or tell him that it was from me.)

  • He is extremely shy and likes me.
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  • He has something wrong with him and dosen't know what he wants.
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  • He dosen't like me.
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  • Other (please explain)
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  • He enjoys the attention. and dosen't like me
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And once I sent a friend request but he never accepted it or denied it even though he was adding other people as friends.(He has absolutely no photos on facebook)


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  • Get revenge! Offer him some pie and give him a hamburger instead! Then run away crying saying "Every time THIS happens!" He'll be stuck in confusion land for days.

    • That sounds like an eye for an eye revenge lololol.

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