Guys, do you remind girls of dates, dinners if you're interested?

So there's this guy I work with, we were talking about food and he just casually slipped into the convo "Well if you want we can go eat after work one of these days" and of course I told him sure, I chose a day and all, obviously neither of us have said its a date, but I like him a lot, and my friends say he seems to like me too, he reminded me today about dinner next week. Just casually said "don't forget about our dinner on Thursday!" Took me by surprise... Usually I'm the one reminding the guy... So I was shocked but excited.

Do you guys remind girls about dates if you're real interested? Maybe this is a good sign?


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  • It's not for sure a good sign, but is for sure not a bad sign. It means he is excited. Whether it's because he likes you or just likes good is unknown. But he is excited to have dinner with you, that in of itself is a good thing


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  • I might if I feel it is important to confirm things.


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