Her friends don't like me what should I do?

I'm dating this girl and she met my friends who like her and approve of us. When I met her friends they instantly didn't like me because I was an hour late to meet them. I already explained to them why but they wouldn't give me a break. My girl forgave me though. She's told me how they don't approve of me because of who my friends are and they just tell her I'm going to break her heart. We've been together for 9 months now and they still do not like me whatsoever. My girlfriend gets so upset because she can't turn to anyone when we get in a fight. She feels like she has no one to talk to about girl things and its hard for her. Some of her friends who do like me are the guys. I've tried talking to them and she's attempted several times to make us on good terms but they won't budge. I never cheated on her and won't I love her. They even attempted reuniting her with her ex. It's driving her to a breaking point and I really don't know what else to do. I've showed to them numerous times how much I'm dedicated and how much I love her. My friends try taking my girl in but they are all guys.


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  • People need to butt out of other people's relationships. Do her friends not think she's smart enough to date someone who treats her well? It's kind of insulting in my opinion if her friends can't respect her decision to date you. I could understand their concern if you did something nasty to her but you say you haven't so they need to butt out.

    • I haven't except being late to a few dates due to traffic or having to cancel because of family matters. A few of my friends are known to be players and to have a lot of girlfriends but she's only my third girlfriend. I never once betrayed or cheated on her.

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