My attempt to ask her out was foiled. Backup plan?

There is a cute, fun coworker I want to ask out. We are already somewhat friends, and have hung out socially around other people on at least five occasions. She's even been to my house for a couple of low key parties. (movies and games, not drinking parties. A matter of fact she's usually the only other person besides me to drink a beer lol)

She is always alone in the break room when I arrive for my closing Friday shift, so my plan was to say hi and then something like "You're fun to talk to and hang out with. I'd like to get to know you a little more. Would you want to go get coffee sometime?

Well, this afternoon a friend of ours was there early sitting too close so that wasn't going to work. My chances of seeing this girl, at least alone are limited.

What if I were to call her, and should I get voice-mail, say "I just wanted to ask you something. Feel free to call me back at your convenience."


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  • Just approach her like a man and ask her out, if she rejects you then take it like a man.

    • Do you think it would be too awkward if I sought her out, or wait for break room scenarios

    • Just approach her when she is alone or relatively alone and ask her.

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  • Wait till your alone again.