If a guy you're dating says I want to spend this weekend by myself, is that something to be mad about?

Weve been dating for 7 months and he's only free once a week on weekends so i barely seem him. I wamtes to spend time with him this weekend but he said "will you be mad if i spend this weekend by myself"? I got really mad when he said that cause i barely seem him and now i have to wait another week. do i have a right to get upset about this?:(


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  • There are two ways to look at it.

    First, the benefit of doubt is that he needs time for himself or he and his guy friends want to light their hair on fire.

    Second, he might be seeing someone else.

    I do not have any other background to give a detail opinion.

    On time, I was working two jobs and going to school. I just had time for my gf during the weekend. However, I miss a lot of time with m other friends such going to Vegas for a wild weekend.

    I hope that it is my first opinion.


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  • Hmmmm!
    I gotta think about that.
    Yeah, I think I would be pretty pissed with an explanation like that.
    To me that's a rejection.
    But, I'm pretty sensitive anyway.
    No happy ending for him next time we're together.

  • Sometimes people just need time to destress on their own. Maybe he has something he has to take care of or he's feeling sick. Since we're so close to Valentine's he could even be working on something for you.