I am an American and he is albanian, could it ever work?

I'm 25, and I have been seeing a 27 yr old muslim albanian man for about a week and a half. He is easily the sweetest and kindest man I've ever dated (and I have dated many men) He has already taken me out a couple times and introduced me to his sister which is his only immediate family in the country. With that said, after listening to my family members warnings about europeans, and their views on politics and women's roles in society I am nervous to go all in to this relationship. I sort of like the idea of the man being the leader of the family, and despite what he may have been taught, I know he is extremely attracted to my level of intelligence. (I'm very well educated) He has told me on several occasions that he can DATE anyone he wants, and that his family will accept anyone who isn't African American. So my questions are a) should I believe that I will be accepted among his family and b) Could he ever marry me?


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  • Let him go, albanians are the worst people

    • I hit this by accident I don't think they are the worst people.

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  • Albanians are not very "European". If you really want a man to take the initiative int he house, this guy is your man. Balkans is not really "Europe" as you Americans understand. He would marry you if he liked, but i don't know about his family accepting a Christian girl as a bride. Albania has some problems with its Christian neighbours. On the other hand, you won't probably face his family in U. S. so it shouldn't be a problem. But i warn you, he may be more strict than what you mean "man being the leader int he family". Just, be prepared.
    What i have just wirtten is the characteristic of general people and may not reflect on that specific guy.

    • I do not practice religion, and his sisters are christian. His sister hung a cross in his car so that gives me a little more hope about the situation because the sisters are allowed to practice whatever religion they want. He is very honest and already said that in his country the man is "the boss" . We joke about it but I know he is more serious than he leads on. I really like him despite my reservations but I'm worried this may be the tip of the ice berg.

    • It may be the tip of the iceberg, but why hold yourself back when you like it?

    • My family is persian and the men in our family are muslim, whereas the women in my family obstain from religion. The women in my family think I am crazy for dating a Muslim man while I can take my pick of American men. I always take their opinions into consideration, but I make my own choices based on what I feel is best for me. Basically I was coming on here to educate myself on the opinion of the public because sometimes family can be over protective. Your handle says you are middle eastern so you know what I mean. I like this guy very much and I'm going to go with the flow for now. Hopefully his sweet demeanor isn't pulling the wool over my eyes.

  • Be Very very careful.
    I'm not going into details but I'm just saying to watch for warning signs.
    Every person sends their best representative of themselves when they first start
    Dating and it's after 3 months that you begin to see the real man.
    If you see big red flags by 3 months get out fast.

  • Won't work.


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  • if you want a guy who is the boss in your house then an albanian guy is definitely the right choice. Theyre just really old fashioned. And religion is important to them but that doesn't mean they wouldn't marry someone who doesn't have the same religion.
    If you're okay with the typical stereotype roles (woman = housewife; man = the leader), then he is a good choice.

  • You can try it. If it doesn't work out, just break up.

    Also nothing wrong with Albania. I think your family is being very prejudiced towards European people. There are many countries in Europe and it depends on the family, not the country, how they view the roles of wife and the husband. Same with politics.

    So ask him, what he things and how has he been taught about the subject. Even though his family sounds quite racist...

    But if this really bothers you, forget about him

    • No albanian men are usually old fashioned and do treat women bad. Not all albanian men, but most do

    • Well most old fashioned men would propably stay in Albania. Not move to USA.

      And obviously like you said. Not all of them are old fashioned. Also I don't know if I should believe you. You are from USA. Have been to albania or are have you read some things or heard rumors?

      And it depends on the family, not the country. Don't judge people based on the country they are from.

    • In albania it is very prestigious to live in america. Clearly they don't know our situation here and it looks much more glamorous but that is besides the point. I have heard horror stories about albanian men and those are also a party to my concerns but I think he is genuine and not fooling around with me or he would have stopped bothering to see me by now because I don't sleep with him yet.

  • I have seen stories about women being abused by foreign muslim men, I would be careful and take things slow like don't rush into converting to his religion

    • And I thought that they were arabian or middle eastern so when you said "anyone that's not African American" are you saying that he's black? And African American is in America not Europe

    • I'm saying he is not allowed to date anyone black.

  • I'm albanian
    What is your race/nationality?

    I will tell you this, albanian men tend to be dirty. They use women

    • Well, long story short I'm persian. I have decided to keep seeing him, he makes me very happy and he is already telling his friends and family I am his girlfriend and he is coming to meet my family this week. I have never felt more adored. At first I was scared and had my doubts but now I am certain he is genuine because of all of the effort he has been putting in and I don't even sleep with him.

    • Just because you didn't sleep with a man doesn't mean he's genuine

  • This is sad it's even a question but I guess that's how some families are.

    • My family is persian. American people preach acceptance and equality but this is a very new nation compared to the middle east and Europe so there are some opinions which will never be stamped out in any amount of time especially among older generations, and as a young person I respect and take everything they say into consideration.