Is it too soon for a Valentines card? Advice from ladies please?

I would be most grateful if I could some advice from the ladies. I think she is the one and I think we belong together.

About 5 years ago on vacation in France I met a girl from Denmark (I’m from England). We became inseparable from day 1. In our 17 month relationship we visited as often as we could. We talked about marrying and living together (in England) but I think distance and our immaturity broke us up. However I still feel we belong together. Ever since meeting her I think about her every day. Even while being in other relationships. I always felt that she is the one and I still love her with all my heart.

After we separated we barely had contact. Missing her made call her 12 days ago. We had an incredible two hour conversation. She told me that the blokes she met after me had been disappointing. And we both have grown up a lot since then.

We are now Facebook friends. But since the conversation she now takes days to respond to Viber messages. She never did that in the past. But when she does she writes extensively.

Her Facebook relationship status always said --Married-- to keep guys away. 5 days ago she removed that but also posted something that translated as “Such a great time last night, I think I am in love”. I feel she is still very interested in me but it could be that she fancies another bloke. Judging by a Facebook picture that guy sent her flowers a few weeks ago.

I can handle it. Distance makes it difficult to compete with this bloke but not impossible. I want to slowly build our relationship and eventually ask her to spend vacation together and then take it from there. What worries me is Valentine's day. It comes too soon. I could send her something but I feel it’s too early after only one long phone conversation. But if I don’t send one she might think I am not interested. So should I send her something or not?

I just had a chat with lady friend of mine. She said I should concentrate on other ladies because I don't hear from my ex anymore. I'm seriously doubting now.

I would greatly appreciate more advise.
I had sent her some flowers. She immediately phoned me. We chatted for over 3 hours. The best thing is that I asked her to visit to me on which she agreed. In three weeks she will visit me for a 2 week period. I am so happy. This gal is the one for me.


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