Worst Valentine's Day? What was yours?

My worst Valentine's Day was when I bought my ex wife an expensive jewelry item and she spent the entire time showing it off rather than spending time with me. What was your worst Valentine's Day or just romantic experience?


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  • I broke up with my boyfriend on Feb. 13 so that one was pretty bad.

    • Ah, there's a school of thought that a guy should be single on that day. ... a dumbass school of thought, unless he fears having a relationship. Sorry about yours - nice to have them I t the past though, right?

    • *in not I t

    • Lol that was a while ago. But yeah.

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  • Seventh grade I went to view my grandma's body... I didn't even know that I was going to see her.

  • Wots bad in showing off?
    U made her day right eh?

    • No thank you of any sort. She spent the entire day with other people talking about what she got rather than with me. It was a major turn off.

    • No thankies... lol i know then its a turn off
      Sorry to hear that.

  • Last year i accidentally smeared my pants in the school cafiteria... My life isn't that interesting :D

    • Sounds like your low is pretty high - that's a good thing.

    • QqYeah, it is... My life somethimes may seem boring, but i'm glad i don't have any drama, or smth. Like that

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  • i don't remember, because Valentine's day, is just like other days of the year for me.

    • Question says VD or just romantic experience, so you could field the latter if you were so inclined.

  • All my Valentine's days are just like regular days so I've never had a bad one I guess

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