How do I seriously tell him its too much?

Okay so Im a huge goofball, I like to make jokes and not be too serious all the time. My boyfriend loves that about me he says I sometimes squeak when I laugh and it turns him on. So everytime we go on a date or hangout at my place or his we have sex. We see eachother 2-3 times a week and we're both in college and working so this is becoming a bit exhausting. I love seeing him, I dont want to stop seeing him 2-3 times weekly I just want a little break from all the sex. But everytime I try to say something he tickles me and says Sorry babe I can't understand you! Then I actually get mad and pull away from him and he's a foot and 2 inches taller than me so there's not much of a fight I can put up. So I end up pinned down and I'll look away from him and he'll kiss my neck and I hate that cause honestly it feels awesome! He knows exactly how to put me in the mood even when I dont want to be! But I just wanna cuddle and take a nap with him sometimes! How can I get him to take me seriously? Please help:(


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  • Just express this to him, I'm sure he'll understand. Tell him you want a little more quality time with him.

  • Emphasize non-sexual stuff, like watching paint dry.

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