He said he really likes me but its complicated and he doesn't know what he wants?

So we started talking a few months ago because he was friends with my ex and he told me that my ex was only wanted me for sex. So yeah my ex and I are done now. but my friend introduced me to him since he was friends with my ex because he dated her cousin, and well I started falling for him HARD. He makes me smile and then I told him I liked him and he said I like you but I'm not over my ex yet so I'm not ready. and his ex said she's done with him and has a new boyfriend. SO then I asked my friend that introduced me to him if she can figure out if he really likes me and she said he told her he REALLY likes me, but it's complicated and he doesn't know what he wants right now. He use to text me first but now I feel like I'm the only one texting him... and he's going through a lot right now depression and stuff... what do I do? I really like him... :( by the way he doesn't really talk to my ex anymore because of what my ex did to me.

Can someone please answer :(


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  • He told you he wasn't ready for a new relationship yet because of his recent breakup. This is a very honest and straight shooter type of guy. For now give him his space so he can get closure from his breakup. Be there for him as a friend and tell him if he needs someone to talk to you're there. Don't push for a gf bf relationship


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