Mum doesn't like my boyfriend... What do I do?

I recently got back together with my boyfriend as we had a break due to some troubles with collage and since we got back together I've noticed that my mum and sister have been very negative towards him, my sister more so. My mum has told me that she has a really bad feeling about something about him and wants me to end things, apparently he makes my sister feel uncomfortable so I have to limit the amount of times I see him at my place to twice a week. Sure we see each other at collage almost every day but its nice to be able to just sit and chat somewhere warm and dry that isn't collage sometimes. My problem is that he wants to propose but I'm worried that I'll lose my family if I say yes since none of them like him. I love him more than anything... So do I follow my heart or listen to my family...

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  • If I have learned anything about women is that they all have that 3rd eye and 6th sense. So if both of the most important women in your life dont like this dude then its time for him to go. What is it about him that makes them uncomfortable, is he flirting with them or looking at the bodys?

    • They don't like him due to the break up last year

    • trust me its not just the break up. Either you are a bad girl and this guy is a further bad influence or they se something that you don't. Cut it out with the bad boy shit and find a guy that treats you like a lady and your family feels comfortable being around. Put the shoe on the other foot and I'm sure you will see the light. M

    • Should have checked back here sooner and listened to you :(

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  • Lose your family? I don't think your family will abandon you because of him. Why would they? If they love you they won't. They have to accept your decision, even if they don't like it and hope for the best. It's your life and your decisions.

    • the likely hood is i may get kicked out, you don't know how the situation may pan out.

    • So I can just hope that they won't.

What Girls Said 1

  • I agree with matheus_mb.

    But this sounds kinda bad. You are under 18 and he is going to propose? You had terrible break up and he makes your sister uncomfortable and mother is worried... really bad idea.

    You are so young that getting engaged is not a good idea. Not to mention you btoke up already once and JUST got together. He thinks he can fix all your problems if he proposes. But that will lnly add more problems.

    Do you know why he makes your sister uncomfortable?

    • Because of the break up before and how much it hurt me before

    • Alright. So there shoukdn't be anything else behind it.
      Anyways, even though you are free to do what you want, I still agree with your mum.

    • No wait you aren't. You are still under 18