If A Guy Liked You.. but you thought he was out of your league?

Ladies.. have you ever dumped/broke it off with a guy that was good looking, charming, and an over all good guy because you thought he was out of your league or too good for you? I've dated several women and have had four relationships. Their ex boyfriends were nowhere near as good looking as I am (not being cocky.. just honest) and didn't treat them as well as I did. They would complain about their laziness, instability, and lack of social life. I'm really good looking, have a social life, weight lift, and adventurous. Sometimes I think it's because I'm still somewhat young and the majority of women in my age group aren't ready for good guy.


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  • No... But if ever in the situation, I would hold on to him.


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  • That is totallllllyyyyyy the reason they dumped you.