Help me get this girl?

So I'm terrible with women and badly need some help. I just met a girl on Thursday and crushing on her a lot (can't get her out of my mind). The goal: get a date with her on Valentine's day!

So far here's what's happened: We had about an hour and a half group lunch together (a bunch of her friends and my roommate... it wasn't planned, first time we met). We probably only got like 10min of a one on one conversation, seemed to go well (think/hope lol). I got her and all her friend's fb profile. I sent her some messages and got replies but they weren't really engaging. I haven't messaged her back from her previous message because of this. I know that lack of enthusiasm is a very bad sign (I think she's shy too), but she's worth the effort even with the tiny chance of pulling this off! I might see her on Monday's lecture. Should I message her today (I know she went to some big event this weekend) or wait for Monday's lecture to sit next to her (if she's there)? Anything else you want to add that might be helpful will be super appreciated!!

I couldn't find her in class today. I fb messaged her after class and we messaged back and forth for about 45min. Towards the end I gave her my number and told her I hate using fb messager. She messaged me back saying there might be something wrong with her phone bc she can't text me (obviously bs) I just told her it's no big deal, fb messenger is fine 😄. After a couple messages told her I would be busy so I ended the convo. She seemed more into the convo today though. Thoughts/suggestions?
So today I went to sign up for this membership that I needed and it required my number. Turns out the number I was giving was incorrect (New to the country so didn't know about a certain phone number rule). Obviously I was super stoked bc it meant that she legit couldn't text me and wasn't making stuff up. So I messaged her telling her my real number... aaand I never got a reply back even though I know she was on fb so yea, I'm pretty bummed. I have nothing to do, hence the constant updates


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  • I would say wait till Monday man. You dont really want sound too desperate with the messages ( thinking like a girl here) but you just want to sound just right. Wait till Monday, try to have small talk with her, and if anything get her number. That would be huge, good luck.

    • Yea that's exactly why I never replied back so I don't seem desperate (even though I am haha). I'll try and get her number, hopefully we're in the same lecture and I can sit next to her.

    • or do you think I should have small talk with her first then sit next to her on another day this week?

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  • Wait for the lecture and ask for her number. It's definitely worth a shot! You just need more time to talk in-person.

    Would you look at my questions please? Thanks!


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  • dude! don't wanna sound rude or anything, but THERE'S ACTUALLY OTHER FISH IN THE SEA.

    here's what you gonna do

    just ask her (could i have your phone number); (you wanna go out for lunch sometime);

    worst case scenario its gonna be either a yes or a no and not the end of the world.

    • Yea it's different though when you're in the same 4 year program. I don't want to jump the gun too soon and mess it up, it'll be awkward for the next 4 years. There are other girls, but I'm crushing on her really hard, I haven't had a crush in years. She's legit one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen in my life and she's actually really nice and ridiculously smart (extremely hard program to get into). If it was any other girl I wouldn't think twice.

    • I will ask her out to lunch for this weekemd or the very latest next though, promise haha

  • Wait till Monday and get her number.

    • I was thinking of also playing flirty hangman with her if I do sit next to her... make up phrases like "you're gorgeous" for her to solve. What do you think? I've never tried it before, she might like it. I'll try and get her number too if it goes well.

    • Try it, if she likes you than she will like it.