If I've been seeing a guy for a month and now valentines day is next week, should I expect that we're doing something that day?

We've been going out (on about 7 dates so far) and with v day next week, do you think we'll hang out that day or avoid it because we're at that awkward beginning stage?


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  • Good question. I totally understand the "awkward beginning stage" feeling. V-day puts a lot of pressure on everyone to perform and be this person we aren't sometimes to impress our date/SO or live up to some social standard. Can be intimidating. A lot of money can be wasted on stupid expensive gifts too. It doesn't have to be this awkward thing that has to include over the top love, romance, passion and love making with chocolates, rose petals and lingerie all over the place. He can get you some nice flowers, no big deal, and you two can go out for a nice dinner and have a nice night. Doesn't have to be this unforgettable, mind-blowing event that a lot people play it up to be.


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