I really like like my best friend who is a boy but don't no how to show him?

So I trust him with everything and he said he doesn't trust anyone exept me but I dont no how to show my feelings for him without directly saying and making it awkward. His last two girlfriends cheated on him so he hasn't had a great past with relationships and neither have I... What should I do


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  • Just come out with it and just tell him if not it can go on for years

    • Well if he doesn't want a relationship wouldn't that mate our friendship awkward

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    • Yh I want more but I'm too shy 😣

    • Well you know what to do if you want it bad enough put the shyness away and just do it

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  • Be that girl thats there to repair his heart , two girls cheated on him , be the one that's gonna make it all better.

    • But I'm too scared to tell him he noes I'm always their but in a friend way

    • Well your gonna have to suck it up and tell him. if u dont ask/tell the answer will always be no.

  • Wait, so he's your best friend and you really like him, but he hasn't made a move in the past?

    Under most circumstances, when a guy is "best friends" with a girl, he likes her more than just friends, so it baffles me if he hasn't made a first move on you.

    If you like him in that way, tell him.

  • Just tell him, don't try showing him because the confusion could be worse than the difficult conversation that needs to be had


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