Is it normal to feel this way?

So based on my past dating experiences and past two relationships, when I start dating a guy I am just giddy and happy to the point where I can't wait to see them next. But most of all when it came to texting or calling I would just find myself anxiously awaiting their response. Now I just started seeing a guy, it feels like I have known him for much longer than we have actually known each other and he's so sweet. While we both know that we don't want to rush things, and we kiss and cuddle a lot when we're around each other, when I'm not with him... I find myself not worried about hearing from him right away or not anxious about why he's not texting or anything. I actually just feel like how my days were before I met him but we just talk when we have time. Is this normal? I get excited when I'm about to see him and get occasional butterflies when I think about him. But other than that it just feels... normal...


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  • maybe your not anxious cus you know what to expect from him. and there is security in the relationship which in my opinion when someone can give you security in a relationship its a very good thing.


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  • That's how I always feel. It's normal, but you have to focus on other things so it doesn't drive you crazy. Good luck!

    Would you look at some of my questions please? Thanks!