Are girls genuinely interested or just checking me out?

Im a pretty handsome looking guy (based on friends & family's opinions). When I am out and about girls will usually stare at me, then we end up locking eyes until we pass each other. Any sign they're interested in getting to know me? Im pretty big built (like a teddy bear), mixed race, and have been told i'm really photogenic. Im definitly not your average guy from around the corner. For example today i did abit of food shopping and while I came out this cute girl came walking my direction and we locked eyes. I do have style as well, as I like to look good whenever Im out. Can I get a girls opinion on this please? Have you done this to guys you fancied?


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  • They may very well be into you. Just don't let it go to your head haha ;)

    Would you look at some of my questions please? Thanks!

    • I try not to let it get to my head haha. When it happened today I couldnt help but give out a sense of cockyness when she looked at me. But yeah sure will do

  • There are lots of hot guys out there, but the most attractive ones I find are those who smile and actually acknowledge you when you lock eyes. Obviously don't do this to every girl that looks at you, but if you see one you find cute as well, you should say hi/smile :) then she wont' think you're stuck up


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