How will I know when to call her again?

We have been dating for 6 months, I acted needy/insecure, she quit calling texting, now she just wants to message through Facebook, would she care if I called?


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  • I think she might have lost interest in you. I would call to ask about it so you hear her voice and clearly interpret her words. Good luck.

    Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

    • She said she lost interest, I walked away, after a week she took me back..

    • Then you don't want someone who's so wishy-washy anyway.

    • Oh but I do lol

  • call her dont worry too much.

    • Well I acted too needy/insecure so she reverted back to just messaging over Facebook, How do I get her texting calling again?

    • just do it now.

    • Ok I will

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