Am I a rebound?

There's this great guy that I just met a few months ago, we started hanging out and I assumed only as friends but he confessed that he liked me as more. I met his friends and they all liked me. He told me that he was on a "break" with his girlfriend and he was going to break-up with her....days later he tells me that she wants to work things out so they got back together...thing is, I know his girlfriend, she used to date a close friend of mine. he still calls me and we hang out with his friends all the time, but I feel guilty that he never takes his girlfriend out. Recently I saw her at a party at her ex-boyfriend's house(which is my close bud). My bud told me that she thought it was my fault that they were having problems. She told him that she doesn't even see him anymore and that she feels a break-up pretty soon. He constantly calls me and I really like him but I don't want to be seen as the rebound, do you think he really likes me or he just likes to hang out with me? We hung out the other day and he asked if he could kiss me, I said yes (i know that was dumb but I couldn't help it) and we kissed. My best bud said that I shouldn't go out with him because his family is not going to like me..what should I do? should I wait and see what happens or should I help him make-up his mind?


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  • I'm not a huge fan of this "on a break" thing as far as I'm concerned you're either going out or not. It's like saying "Look I'm kind of bored of you at the moment so I'm going to have look and see what's on offer out there but if I don't worry because if I can't anyone better I'll be back".

    As for your situation I would wait and see what happens first of all this guy needs to decide who's he wants to be with because he seems to be stringing both of you along at the moment.

    The family is a whole other story if a family doesn't like you it makes a relationship that much harder but if I really liked someone it wouldn't stop me


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