Is he taking things really slow or is he being friendly?

He offers to drive me home when we see each other once a week, he smiles at me, and looks at me a lot. We made out at a party once, and he sent me a text saying that he thought of me. We don't text each other much, and whenever i do text him he stop replying randomly. But he doesn't use his phone a lot. It's been 4-5 months of this, and he has asked to hang out once but i wasn't in town. He's shy/quiet, and i dont know if he likes me or if he's just being friendly. I like him, and i want to ask him out but i dont know if i should.


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  • He is a shy guy. Well that answers your question.
    He likes you.
    A shy guy won't do things out of border unless he likes the girl.

    • what do you mean out of border?

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    • Yes I am saying exactly that.
      And no that isn't the case.

    • But i'm still doubtful because he doesn't text me, and when i do text him we'll talk and then he'll stop replying. I just feel like if he was into me more, wouldn't he text or talk via online more because it isn't as confrontational? Alll my friends keep saying he isn't into me because he doesn't talk to me a lot. I dont know..

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