What was one reason why you couldn't continue seeing someone you was dating?

I remember this one guy I dated before and all he ever spoke about was car. He'd talk about cars I didn't care about and cars I knew nothing about during lunch or while taking a walk. I don't know how I gave him a 4th date. the 1st, 2nd, 3rd was all the same maybe because he was nice & attractive.*cough* free food 😁lol.. but gawd he had no substance. The chemistry wasn't there. He became salty after i told him I didn't feel the connection. He was nice but he didn't awaken anything in me.

Anyways what reason did you have to not continue dating a guy? Was it the way he ate? The way he dressed? Disrespectful? What?


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  • She was a bit cray she, said she had "emotional issues" and she acted hot/cold. She didn't know what she wanted so I decided it wasn't me and got the fuck out of dodge. You can't be with someone who's got some deep seated problems, they'll become your problems eventually.

    • That's is so true. The person whom you plan on getting with problems becomes yours eventually. You did good.

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