Why don't people just start polyamourous relationships to end the notion of cheating?

It doesn't make sense to me, people will eventually want something more, something that one person cannot provide.
Why limit yourself to one partner?
That way the relationships last longer since you won't get sick of each other as quickly since your time would be divided amongst other people. If you do break up with one person you would have others to comfort you.

Why is society so dogmatic in this sense?


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  • I think it's smart, but polyamourous relationships can come with a lot of jealousy and distrust. Which usually ends badly


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  • I couldn't imagine having to be okay with my SO kissing someone else , or giving their attention to someone else. I couldn't handle that and I'd be a jealous reck. I don't think I'd be able to divide my love among people and I think the notion that I'll get sick of one person & that somehow gives me the right to look elsewhere is... kinda crazy and it would really suck to hear that from someone. It would make me feel like I wasn't enough & that's a pretty shitty feeling.

  • That's not why people are polyamorous. I don't think you understand how that kind of relationship works.

    • Then how does it work?

    • There are different forms of polyamory. I simply love two people, so it makes sense for me. I'm sure love factors in for a lot of others more so than simple convenience.

  • Not everyone can handle that kind of lifestyle. There are multiple problems.
    1: Std chances go up. You could give a STD to someone you love. All your lovers will have other lovers. There is no way to keep track of if any of them sleep with someone else with a STD.
    2: If you want children how will that work? What if you get another woman pregnant? The child might not understand who there real parent is.
    3: time is a issue. I do not see how anyone has time for multiple people. One person might feel neglected.
    4: To much drama

    • 1. Regular check ups for Stds and the use of condoms
      2. A DNA test can confirm who the father is, and it would be up to the 2 individuals to decide how to proceed.
      3. Budget your time accordingly each person gets x amount of time on a certain day.
      4. People don't have to talk about their other partners.

  • Because people want love. And true love is bound to one person. Where you accept and love that person, their flaws included. You can't live without them and you don't even bother looking at another person because they are all you need. If you're looking for something more than they aren't the right person for you. And how would you feel if your girl came up to you and said you could fulfill her needs and she needed another man? That'd probably feel pretty crappy.

    • I would establish from the very beginning my intentions of seeing other women and that she could see other men if she chooses.
      It helps people grow by being with others.

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    • So you don't actually want a relationship. You want multiple open relationships so you can pick and choose.

    • Not love. True love. You can have many loves in your life. But there will always be that one that surpasses all the others.

  • i am poly but for like really different reasons than you, weird guy. lmao

    • what reasons?

    • I don't know really. Because monogamy is nonsense. But not because I won't get sick of the other person as quickly, what a ridiculous thing to say!

  • Polyamourous relationships can lead to jealousy


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  • Who knows? People can always make their own decisions.

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