How do I get him to stop playing games? Advice on how to fix this?

Okay, so let me start out by saying I'm kind of crazy (and by that I mean I am crazy)

So I met this guy two weeks ago at a party and thought he was really cute. We sent eachother cute texts the week after and he came back into the city (he lives two hours away) and got a hotel with his friend just to see me.

When I go to meet up with them, they told me we're going to the same spot. I start telling them about all the different events that are going on in the city that night. Then they tell me they're 20 (I'm 21 btw) so I told them it was fine if we went back to the lameass party. When we get to the hotel, they asked for his ID and it turned out he was 18.

Well, at that point I decided he wasn't relationship material and that I wanted to bang both him and his friend that night, hopefully with some other girls. We went to the party, which got busted, came back to the hotel, and I had sex with him first and tried to fuck his friend (who couldn't get it up).

While I was trying to fuck his friend he started accusing me of lying about the fact that we were barely having sex. I stopped and he was pissed off at me for the rest of the night but we ended up cuddling and then he kept on texting me the next day.

We've been texting this past week even though he couldnt come to philly cause he's coming in next week for my birthday party where he's also joining in an orgy with all of my friends (I tottally dig group sex).

The problem is he's not upfront about anything at all. He clearly likes me (and has told other people he likes me) but when I tell him I like him and ask him if he does, he says things like "I'm not telling you." And then he tells me he doesn't have feelings for me but keeps on texting me.

How do I fix this so we can have something somewhat functional? I dont want a relationship, just someone I can be open with and have fun with.


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  • He's is not that material, in order to do something with him you would've to change.
    And trust me you don't have to change for anyone.


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