Should I talk to her everyday?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 4 months now. I kinda have the feeling that I should have some sort of communication with her everyday. We live about 30 minutes from each other and she comes over on the weekends to spend the night. I doesn't seem to bother her that I talk to her every day, but something tells me that it can be a little over kill.
We aren't texting all day long but we normally text for a few hours each day. Am I over thinking this and everything is normal or should I limit the communication, like maybe communication free day per week or something. I don't know... I think I'm just over thinking this whole thing, it's just that sometimes she is busy or tired and doesn't want to talk.

Help me out y'all.



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  • Yeah just in the evening to see how she is doing and how her day was and stuff, nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't go to long without texting though that could be bad. Shows lack of interest.


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  • Not everyday, maybe skip a day out of this week, and if she seems bothered don't do it again. But if she doesn't skip a day out of each week.


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  • Keep in contact everyday.. but don't blow up her phone.

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