Should I try and develop a relationship with one guy I like who doesn't show much interest, or the other guy I like who does show a ton of interest?

I am interested in having a relationship with one guy at a time, but I seem to like two of them at once. One guy I met on POF and he seems really interested and we are on a texting basis right now. He lives an hours' drive away from me. The other guy is on a forum we are both members of but lives halfway across the country. I made my intentions clear just a few minutes ago, well, sort of, and he said I came on too strong. Does that mean he's not at all interested and that I shouldn't persue him anymore? That I should just go with the one I'm interested in and shows interest back?

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  • Persue the one who isn't showing much interest!!!
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  • I had this same problem with 2 girls... I jus couldn't choose... Rather than seeing whose interested in u... I think a better option would b to go with the one that understands u better and one who listens to ur problems... If both of them r strangers to u then go with the guy that seems interested 1st if things don't work out try the alternative... U don't just get ur life partner at one go... Itz jus like shopping for clothes... Try one if u don't like it try another til u get the one that matches u best


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  • I say go for the one that's interested IF you're interested in him more than the one who isn't showing much interest.
    Also... for fuck's sake , you're choosing a partner , you can't go.
    "Try both" like chicken nugget dip or something.

  • Answer is clear, take one who is interested. Why do you like the other one? if you like then make to happen a date and you will see if you like or it is worth to, he will come if interested enough.
    Or, he is a forum clamp, being scared to come out in sunlight. Or, he is scared that don't have income or...


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