What is he thinking and why is he not talking to me about it?

This guy and I have been flirting for a while now; he comes into my work and spends a lot of time there talking to me. I work graveyard and he always comes in and checks on me. He's really sweet.. well last week he asked for my phone number and wanted to go on a date. He said he lost his phone though so he'd use one of his friends over the weekend to contact me.. well he never called me and he hasn't shown up on my shifts at all this week. When he asked me out, we literally talked for 2 hours and we shared such personal stuff. It seemed like it would be perfect, but I haven't heard from him since... what do you think he's doing? What's going on with him? Should I just give up on it? His friends are also regulars at my job and they've all told me he's interested so I just don't know what to do... should I just wait?


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  • I think just wait till he comes back to you :)

    • that's what i've been doing so far, but I don't want to either end up waiting forever or come off as desperate.

    • Oh come on haha you won't be waiting forever, and if he doesn't get back to you soonish-then just assume it was nothing that big and he was just 'bored' and wanted some attention.

    • haha that was a tad bit exaggerated lol but i was more just wondering how long I should wait