I've started to date this girl in Late November 2014 we had our first Kiss in January 2015. Valentine's Day is approaching, is it too early for gifts?

I asked her out in Late November she said yes and had our first kiss in January 2015. However her parents don't know we are dating yet as she is not ready for them to know, apparently her parents don't like any boyfriends she has had in the past.

So is it too early to give her a gift for Valentine's Day which is approaching or is it the right time?


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  • That's really only something that you can decide! I don't think it's too early to give a gift.

    It seems like your relationship is developing slowly (this is perfectly okay), so I wouldn't suggest getting any huge, expensive type of gift or jewelry. But something simple like flowers, chocolate, a cute note, framed picture of you, or a stuffed animal would be okay.

    Also, I think that an even better idea than a gift is going on somewhere for Valentine's Day. Like having a sit down dinner and just walking around the town or going to the movies. Or a picnic and looking at the stars! An experience is the best gift you can give!

    Good luck, don't sweat it too much! If you're really unclear on your boundaries and situation, it's best to just talk about it with your girl and ask her what she's most comfortable with.


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