Would you date a girl that looks really younger or just find her as attractive?

Okay so I look as if I'm a baby. I'm 16 and people say that I look like I'm 13 years old. And the only guys that are sending me messages on Facebook are 14 year olds and It's just pissing me off! I'm skinny and I have really small boobs and I don't have a big butt. I'm sick of this! I can't even get a boyfriend.


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  • lucky you then.

    when you'll be 26 you might look 18. that's amazing


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  • I wouldn't date a 16 year old. I think girls my age are already immature and dumb enough (no offense)

    • The question wasn't about a 16 year old. Imagine a girl your age looks a lot younger, woud you be attracted?

    • I don't know, depends on the girl I guess.

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