Brain : Sex or Real Interest?

I met a guy in a club. he was really hot. I was happy to have him as a friend. but yesterday we went out on a date
he wanted to sleep with me, but i didn't. he chased me out of his house. at first we weren't talking much in the restaurant. then he began saying we really don't match well. Later after few glasses of wine. i begun talking to him. he kinda got excited. I began feeling him too. I then said you weren't connecting to me that's what you told. Later he says at least you're opening up yourself now.

he is a great guy. I went to his place. he fondled with me but i just didn't do it. I begged him to let me stay at his place to have a great time but he was quiet and told me you're really our a tease. And he said keep distance from me. I went and sat on the sofa. we were listening to music. I just asked him do you have many female friends, he said yes but you're on the bottom of the least. I don't need to be friends, cause i have plenty. I then said that's so cheap for you to say so to me. He then jumped off the sofa. and told me just leave the place. Its not working well. He opened the door and told me we no more friends neither anything further.

And he kept saying the from the beginning we met , You're too young. I am 6 years older than you.

i remember few days back when we were talking , i asked him are you interested in me. he said I like you , i want to know you better. so lets take things slow.
moreover in the restaurant i told him we could be friends and later see how it goes. he was quiet and said that's confusing. i lost his friendship too. right after i came back from his home, i saw he kicked me off Facebook too. and also when i left his place.
Question : was he really interested in dating me or just wanted sex?


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  • Any guy would instantly know that this guy is simply looking for sex. He was playing you from the first moment. But this shouldn't be a surprise.

    1. You met this guy in a CLUB. Guys go to clubs for one reason and one reason only: PUSSY.

    2. He was really hot. 99% of guys who are really hot use that leverage to bang lots of girls, because they CAN.

    3. How much clearer does he need to be: as soon as it was clear that sex THAT DAY was off the table, he kicked you out. He also told you that he doesn't need another friend.

    None of this would happen with a guy who was interested in a relationship. All of it is completely normal for a hot guy who hangs out in clubs looking for girls to bang.

    • Hi this may sound lame. But i am really attracted to him and i want him back as a friend. Could you please help me get him back even if he just wants sex. Now a days i can't sleep well... can't stop thinking of him.

      The weirdest part is when he rejected me saying he isn't feeling the connection and he would just like to keep friendship (this was in the restro) i just said no friendship.

      And now after when he behaved badily at his place... and he said no friendship... now i want him back.

      If he is a player... just tell me how to get him back. I need suggestion?

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    • He's neither friend material nor bed material gal, drop him before he makes you an angry babymama mad at the world.

    • lol bed material? you're so sure he won't be good in bed lol hahaha...

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  • You can trust @MrOracle anytime.

    Forget that he's hot. Do you still think that he cares for you?
    "he wanted to sleep with me, but i didn't. he chased me out of his house. at first we weren't talking much in the restaurant. then he began saying we really don't match well."
    -This thing shows his clear intentions. If you feed him then he'll reciprocate it with companionship NOTHING ELSE.

    "Later after few glasses of wine. i begun talking to him. he kinda got excited."
    -That's a very old trick. 'Intoxicate her and try again'

    "I begged him to let me stay at his place"
    -Really? Is this how you want to pull out a relationship?

    *& after reading it further*
    -he treated you like a slave.

    I strictly recommend you to avoid him at all cost. You're just mesmerised by his charm, if you were unable to stop yourself then I'm sure you will regret it later.

    • What is there for me to regret? Most probably it will turn into friends with benefits relationship.

      Moreover no matter how much i message him on whatsapp. He stil reads my messages but doesn't block me?

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    • He is 31 years old and he claims he got very many years of experience in dating... lol plus i confused him one point saying i just wanted to meet you as a friend... lol

      Anyways ill message him after a month again... anyways he didn't block me :p

    • Tell him that you want to talk with him about something about more than friendship (intimating).

  • Wait what is your question here?

    • DId he want me only for sex or he really wanted to date me? What was going on inside his brain?

    • Well he seemed interested, but he clearly did not like you leading him on, and neither will any other guys

    • but i didn't want to have sex on the first date?

  • I think he only wanted sex.

  • And still you ask about this. You're a funny girl, how'bout we go out?

  • Sex... sex... sex! It was all about sex!


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  • What a weird guy.. Why would you care? He sounds rude as fuuu