How do I maintain a relationship with my depress boyfriend?

My boyfriend just suddenly burst out at me, venting about his problems though text. Just to summarize what he told me, he felt that no one cares about him, or ever ask about him. He feels like no one cares about his issues, or that I don't care about his family and that I never ask about them or that whenever he gives me an opportunity to ask why I never seem to take it beyond that. Its not that I don't care, but I don't know how to approach him about it. And I always ask him what's wrong, but he always tell me nothing is wrong. I always give him the opportunity to tell me something on his mind, and he never does. He never tells me what's wrong, and I have to literally pull it out of him. He's upset that I never ask about his mom, siblings, etc, but he never asked about mines, tho. He never asks about my issues, but I don't expect him to or anyone for that matter. Point is, now I feel like I have to watch myself or always make sure I ask about his feelings or his family, and I feel like now it's an obligation. It shouldn't have to be. I care deeply about him, but how can I be with someone who chooses to hide everything inside, yet get upset when I do not ask what's wrong when, in fact, I do ask. I'm afraid of getting him in a bad mood. I don't know what to do


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  • Talk to him. Next time your alone just tell him you want to talk and listen to his problems. Let him vent and tell him your problems too. Tell each other you care. Try to show that he's not alone. If he says nothing is wrong then just tell him you want the two of you to talk. Share everything your, love, pain, anger, all of it. You'll be closer once everything is shared.

    • Also if he needs more therapy might be a good idea.

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    • Alrighty, thank you :)

    • Your welcome :)

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  • i dont think there's mutch you can do for him to be honest. seek help for him. you have done what you can.

    • Yeah, I might have to suggest to go back to therapy.

  • He needs professional help, more help then you can give him

    • I think he should. Would it be a bad idea to talk to his mother about him? I am concerned.

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