How to tell your parents your dating an older guy?

How do you tell your parents your dating a guy who is significantly older than you (like 10 years or more)?

So here's some back story:
I met him 5 years ago and we became good friends, weve been dating for 2 years. I've managed to keep our dating from my parents for this long but now that were getting pretty serious i think its time they knew.

The thing is he is a bit older than me and im pretty sure my parents will freak out/over react when i tell them. So how do i tell them or introduce them without things getting out of hand?

Do i just out right tell them his age before they meet? Tell them im dating someone but dont mention his age and just let them find out when they meet? Do i allow my dad to meet him privately the first time (this is what my BF suggested, to allow him to meet my dad alone and work things out with him himself)?

Any other ideas on how to make things go as smoothly as possible?

Ty :)

And yes i know i can just man up and come right out and tell them exactly what is going on. But i really love my family and dont want this to come between us so id like to make this go over as smoothly as possible...


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  • I'd suggest you don't make a big deal about it. Make introductions and leave age out of it entirely.


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  • I say tell them his age first and then introduce them that way they've mentally prepared themselves and won't be weirded out