Anybody has already experience something like this? I would be a bit surprise, but can you still guess what can happen?

ok, so i talked since a month or soo with a girl online, and never saw her IRL, but she told me she's interested in me, flirts with me, but she wants to see me IRL before we maybe enter in a relationship.

Usually, would you say thats positive? that the odds of us getting in a relationship are pretty high after we meet IRL?

or the opposite? even if everything is going soo well, its different IRL and things will probably not work?

  • usually, its a good sign! the odds of a relationship are higher than not
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  • usually it doesn't work often when peole meet IRL, i dont think it will work
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  • I dont know/ see results
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  • I dont know if it usually works or doesn't work when people meet in real life.
    However, I do think you must do that cause its important. Communication in real life isn't the same as online, if it doesn't work in real its cause it really doesn't work.
    I'd try it.


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