How do you deal with knowing she moved on so quick?

Have you ever been cheated on and left for an ex boyfriend/girlfriend? But you were so in love with that person, and while they are out with the guy/girl your still missing them, and trying to move on?

I think its pathetic to sit and think about a girl that i loved and thought she loved me, while she's probably getting fucked at this very moment.. I hate myself.

The fact that she's getting done to her, what she did to me by him, and then crying about it publicly on Facebook, makes me feel like shit. It just says she's a hypocrite that didn't give a fuck what she did to me. It meant nothing. But when it happened to her, its another story..
Because it sounds like to me, he wasn't worth leaving me for now. Karma sucks..


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  • I've been there and yeah it totally sucks. It is not pathetic for you to be hurt not at all. You loved her and she hurt you , you have full right to be upset and hurting. Give yourself the time to hurt though. Don't try and force yourself out of it. Because the more your sitting there thinking about how you shouldn't be upset and thinking about her, the more you are thinking about her. Let yourself release the hurt because bottling it up will prolong the process and make you resent her and you'll end up having a breakdown or seriously depressed and angry sooner or later. Cut off all contact but at your own leisure , slowly pull yourself out of the rut and distract yourself and slowly but surely you'll realize your not thinking about her anymore. Just take it one day at a time , a day will seem like forever at first but it gets better. And don't hammer yourself with all the questions of why she did it and what went wrong you won't ever get a answer and it's something that you painstakingly accept but it's something to you do accept sooner or later.

    • Best answer right here.

    • she's a hypocrite too. The guy she left me for (her ex) is treating her like shit again, and she's posting things on Facebook about how "You can break your back for someone and they'd still treat you like shit."

      Yet thats exactly what i did, and she cheated and did everything HE"S doing to HER...

    • Karma is a bitch , she's probably going to realize she fucked up by leaving you it usually happens. If that's what she wants than let her be miserable but you just move on and find someone new and better that appreciates all the things you do for them.

  • Karma definitely does suck but honestly if she has moved on you should too. She's the one who will have to learn from her own mistakes, but you can't dwell on someone who dumped you for a loser. Which is making me wonder why you would want to reconnect with someone like that anyway. Stop thinking about her, get yourself together and get out there and in time you will find another girl. Because like you said she probably doesn't even care anymore either, people move on, it's just life. Stop hating yourself, cut all contact to finally get over her because keeping in contact with her just shows that you haven't moved on. It will only make you feel worse...


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