Is he purposely trying to hurt me?

So I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. We usely watch tv shows or movies at the same time, and text about it, it makes the distance a lit less difficult to deal with.

Yesterday we were watching a tv show and at a certain time he texted me, about a performer :
"I can't see if she's pretty" and right after "oh yes she is beautiful."
And today during an advertisement break, there was Natalie Portman for a dior ad, and he texted. "she's pretty that Portman" and when I answered that she indeed was, he replied " I guess she doesn't hit 3 chocolate cakes a day," reffering to the cakes I told him earlier I was eating.

Why would he say that? Can't he tell that those words were mean? Or is it just me? Am I taking it wrong and overreacting? but it hurt quite a bit...

Thank you for your answers !!
(and sorry about my English it's not my native language)


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  • I think he said it jokingly. He didn't want to hurt you, if he did, why would he even text you?
    Its hard to tell in wichay the person means it by texting, but im sure he just wanted to tease you.

  • That's what I call passive aggressiveness! But if you don't know why he'd say that, I wouldn't either, since I know him not

  • I think he is. Find a guy that respects you. What he said is disrespectful, even if he didn't mean it.. did he even apologize?

    • I did not tell him that he had hurt me. He's not like that usually...

    • If it's really bothering you Maybe you should tell him.. or you could just try to forget about it.