What is this guys deal? Does he like me or not?

I went on 3 dates with this guy. He initiated the first 2 and they went very well! On the second date I ended up back at his place, but he pulled the breaks when it came to sex. He said obviously he wanted to, he just didn't think we should yet. I totally agreed and felt relieved, to be honest. Anyway, I didn't hear from him for a week after that. I thought maybe he wasn't into it, but just to make sure: I reached out to him and asked him out myself. He said he'd love to! We live about 45 mins away from each other, and we had been meeting half way but this time he said he would come to me, which I thought was a very nice gesture. We had another nice time! We smoked a little pot though and towards the end we were both so stoned, things got a little awkward. I went to hug him goodbye, only to realize he was going to kiss me, so then I went to kiss him, and it turned into this awkward hug/he kissed me on the neck sort of thing. At first I thought he denied me, so I was bummed! But then I texted him just to ask what happened and he said "I thought you were denying me but then I realized you weren't! But it was too late so I just kissed your neck hahaha. But I had a lot of fun tonight!" And I said me too and that's the last I've heard from him. What do I do if I don't hear from him for a week again? Are we just both being shy and awkward because we're actually into each other? This has never happened to me before but I'm super attracted to him and really enjoy hanging out with him, I just wish we'd communicate more outside of that.


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  • I think this is indeed a case of over awkwardness. Though the fact that it takes a while for him to contact him may be that he just waits for when you're interested to talk


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